Custom Handwriting

Make Your Cards Even More Personal With Custom Handwriting

Now that you've got the basics down, why not make your card even more personal with a custom handwritng style.


Modify an existing handwriting style

If you select from one of our pre-existing handwriting samples you can use it as is, or you can make adjustments to it (perhaps to make it look more like your own) by using the slides in the middle of the page. You can adjust how close the letters are spaced to each other, how far apart the lines are spaced, the size and fullness of the letters, and the angles (left or right) of the letters, by simply moving the slides eigher left or right.

adjust preview



Using your own handwriting

You can also send us a sample of your own handwriting that we'll turn into a font you can use for all projects thereafter (your handwriting will appear - or you only - alongside the existing fonts under My Account). All you need to do is download a specialized PDF form and write your letters in the designated spaces. Then return to Thankster and upload the document.  You can also add signatures.  To enter them in your message you type the special characters ^ or |.

own handwriting form 

It looks this good

Here are actual examples of how great our handwriting looks when printed. As you can see, you can manipulate the text to look as hand written as you'd like. It's a lot more than just a simple font.