Thankster For You

Save Time By Sending The Perfect Thank You



Send “handwritten” thank you notes for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, or any other occasion. 

Easily send to a large number of recipients.

Personalize your notes in a way that would not be practical if you had to actually hand write each one.

Use handwriting that looks completely. natural.

Save a lot of time and effort... simply:

1.  Pick a card;
2.  Type in or import a list of recipients, and; 
3.  Write one note (which you may easily personalize for other recipients) … and we do the rest!


Your handwriting or ours - your choice

Use any one of our custom handwriting
styles or upload your own for the
ultimate statement of personal
attention and quality that will
impress your customers or clients.





Your handwriting

Quick-Send To all of your friends

If you’re like many of us, you’ve got an email account of a spreadsheet filled with your friends and family.  Thankster makes it easy to import your entire list and send each one a beautiful, personal card.  With this simple step you’ll be sending out thank you cards in no time.