Thankster Integrations Pricing FAQ

Q. What is this pricing for?

A. Prices are for each folder card and envelope, mailed with a first class stamp, sent via our integrations. Our natural handwriting will be applied to all pieces, unless you select otherwise. Cards will go automatically as dictated by the integration partner and the automation you choose.

Q. How am I billed? Is there a large monthly commitment?

A. There is virtually no commitment - you pay at the end of the month for the number of cards you send, less the small pre-pay amount of $4.99 - $7.99 (varies with your maximum monthly card allowance). The pre-pay amount is billed at the beginning of the month and is credited toward orders sent, so as long as you send just a few cards per month you never pay for more than you use. One exception - if you order more cards than half your maximum during the first two months, or an otherwise unusual amount of cards, we may do a partial billing mid-month (we will notify you).

Q. What integrations do you have?

A. Check out our integrations page.

Q. Can I mail to non-U.S. locations, and how are these billed for?

A. Yes. Add $.65 per card for cards shipped outside of U.S.

Q. How am I billed during the first few months?

A. During the first two months, while your credit history is being established, we may render an interim bill after 50 cards or half your monthly maximum has been sent (whichever is less).

Q. Can I get an annual plan and save more?

A. You will be able to select an annual plan with even lower prices per card. If you select one of these you pre-pay for a small number of cards at the beginning of the year, and 1/12th of the pre-payment is credited back each month over the course of the year agianst charges for any orders placed. So if you order a few cards each month the pre-pay amount is covered.

Q. I have other questions.

A. For other pricing questions, check our Pricing Summary page. Or Contact Us for more info.