Moving/Housewarming Thank Yous

Thank You Notes for Moving / House Warming - Tips

For housewarming gifts

  People normally give housewarming gifts as a token to wish people well in their new homes or to welcome them to the new neighborhood.  It is good practice in return, and much appreciated by your well wishers, to send out house warming thank you notes to those who welcomed you or wished you well with gifts.

  What you write in your gift thank you note will obviously depend on the gift and who has sent it. Your note should contain your message of thanks and should reference the gift that was given. Say how much you enjoyed receiving the gift and how you will put it to use.

For help with moving

  You should also send thank you notes to family, friends or business colleagues who helped you move house, office or business premises.  Whoever helped you in any way with packing, moving, preparing meals on the day of the move, etc., should receive a personal thank you note from you.

  We all know that moving is neither fun nor easy; so whoever helped surely deserves a sincere thank you note from you that conveys your appreciation for their help.

Thank You Notes for Moving / House Warming – Wording Samples

For Housewarming Gifts
For Help with Moving

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For Housewarming Gifts

“Dear Doris and Robert,

  Thanks for the bottle of Dom Perignon!   Thanks to your generous gift, Thomas and I had a wonderful time toasting our new house on our first evening there.  When we are more settled in I plan on hosting a dinner party so that I can spoil you in return!

Thanks again,

Sarah “


“Dear Melissa,

  It was so kind of you to drop by with bread rolls yesterday evening. They came in handy as we couldn't find most of our breakfast things this morning. We heated up your homemade rolls and enjoyed breakfast on our new terrace.

  Once we are settled I'd love to invite you over for lunch. Thomas and I are both looking forward to getting to know our new neighbors better.

  Thank you again,


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For Help with Moving House

“Dear Nancy and John,

  Thank you again for all your help with our move to our new home. Thanks to your expert packing and help with moving all the heavy stuff we were sitting comfortably in our new home by Sunday evening.

  We are looking forward to having you over for dinner once we have finally settled in.  Hope your backs aren't too sore...

Thanks once again,

Sarah and Brian”


“Edgar Bergen once said, ‘Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?’  Looks like you don't subscribe to that philosophy.  Thanks so much for helping me move.”


“Thanks so much for helping me out with my move. I really appreciate your hard work, and I realize that pizza alone probably does not compensate.  If you ever move anywhere, at any time, I am there for you , my firend.  Thanks again.”

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