Thankster Pricing when used with Integrations (Zapier, Infusionsoft)

Using Thankster with one of our integrations partners is the easiest (cards go automatically), most effective way to send our cards.  And it has the lowest prices per card.  Get a Plan.  This is where you get your User API Key.

NOTE: If you have a subscription, see it, and your User API Key, by clicking on the table below.
Thankster Integrations pricing table

Thankster Pricing on a Per Project Basis

These prices apply when you pay upon completion of an individual project.
Note that for mailings to non-U.S. locations postage is $0.68 more per card than U.S. Postage.

Thankster pay per project pricing table

Thankster Monthly Subscriptions Pricing

To set up a subscription, or discuss custom sizes or plans that mail to non-U.S. recipients., Contact Us.

Thankster monthly pricing table