The Thankster Shopify App allows you to automatically send personalized, handwritten cards to your customers right after they make purchases at your Shopify store.


You create your card sending campaign with three simple steps on the Create Campaign page:
  1. Create a card template or select an existing one. To do that you select a cover design, write the message text, specify the return address, and (optionally) choose a handwriting style on the right hand side of the page.
  2. Select a trigger amount - this is the minimum amount a purchase must be to trigger a card.
  3. Click "Start Campaign".
Once you start your campaign, you can see its details at the bottom of the Create Campaign page.

Personalizing Greeting Name

You can have a customer’s first name automatically inserted in the card message. This is typically done in the greeting line, as in “Dear Tom”. To do this, in your message you would put “Dear {*FNAME*},”, and the actual first name that you have in Shopify will replace the {*FNAME*} variable for each card sent.

Card Format

Our cards are heavyweight folder cards. So there are two inside pages you can “write” on. The second page is to the right of the first one on the template creation page. Note that if you use a portrait card for your template (opens like a book), the second page will actually be on the left side when printed. If you choose a card with landscape orientation (opens top to bottom) the second page will be on top, and the main page will be at bottom.

Message Length

We advise keeping the message length on either page to 300 characters or fewer. The exact number will vary as different fonts vary in terms of space required. Even the same font can have variation here, as the different instances of each character can take up different amounts of room.

Card Preview

You can click the Preview button at the bottom of the Template Created page, or at the bottom of the Create Campaign page, to see what your finished card and envelope will look like. If you have a merge field for first name it will swap in a name. It is a good idea to preview your card to be sure the message does not get cut off.

Note that this is a digital image, not a photo of the actual card, and so you won’t be able to pick up things like card texture.

Order History

You can see a list of your placed orders on the right-hand side of the Create Campaign page (under “Previous Orders”).

Creating a Custom Cover

You can choose from one of our existing covers or create your own. To create your own cover you need to log in to your Thankster account (see “Using Your Thankster Account”, below).

Once logged in you can create a custom front cover by using the Create Cover link in the top nav bar. If you need help (the tool is somewhat limited), or need something on the back cover, you can send us your imagery (to shopify@thankster.com) and we can do it for you.


Each Card is $2.49 (including a first class stamp), and there is a monthly fee of $7.99.

Using Your Thankster Account

To do some things you would need to log in to your Thankster account. If you don’t have one when you install the app, one is created for you with an initial password. In that case, to login your first time go to Thankster.com, click “Sign in” at the upper right, and then click “Forgot password?”. You will then get an email which will let you sign in and change your password.

In Thankster, there are some peripheral things you can do that can’t be done from within the app:
  1. Delete or rename templates. 
  2. Change some formatting for templates (line angle, font color, line spacing). 
  3. See previews of past orders. 
  4. Create a custom cover (See “Creating a Custom Cover”, above). 
You can refer to these screenshots pertaining to these items. Let us know if you would like to do any of these things and you need a hand.

Your finished cards arrive in the mail!

That’s it! Then every time one of your Shopify customers spends more than the trigger amount they will get a handwritten card in the mail tailored to them.

These personalized cards and envelopes (with first class stamps) will look authentically handwritten, and will surprise and delight your customers every time!


Below are some sample finished cards and envelopes. 


Thankster card, complete


Thankster envelopes, complete