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Connect Streak and Thankster

Connect Streak and Thankster to automate handwritten direct mail to help generate more value with your customer relationship management (CRM)

About Streak

Streak is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) application. Learn more at

Zapier is a great way to connect the applications you use, without writing any code or creating integrations from scratch. The automations (Zaps) will save you tons of time and enable functionality that would otherwise be very expensive to add.

Triggers for Streak

Box Email Received Count Change InstantTriggers when the counter for emails received on a box changes.Send Thankster card
Task Complete InstantTriggers when a Task is completed.Send Thankster card
New Box InstantTriggered when a new box is created.Send Thankster card
New Box Email Address InstantThese are email addresses that have been added to a Streak box in some way.Send Thankster card
New Comment InstantTriggers when a Comment is made on a Box in a Pipeline.Send Thankster card
Box Edit InstantTriggers when a Field on a Box is modified.Send Thankster card
Box Change Pipeline InstantTriggers when a Box is moved between Pipelines.Send Thankster card
New Task InstantTriggers when a Task is created.Send Thankster card
Task Due InstantTriggers when a Task becomes due, but it not yet completed.Send Thankster card
New PipelineTriggered when a new pipeline is createdSend Thankster card